Hedging Materials - The Pound’s Fall To A 6 Year Low Against The Euro

To ensure the quality of our products we use high quality aluminium and tinplate from European sources (as unfortunately these are not produced in the UK).

So, (in common we suspect with other manufacturers in our industry who will also have to import materials, either from Europe or the Far East) given the recent substantial falls of the pound against both the Dollar and Euro we are anticipating a significant rise the Sterling cost of our key raw materials, which will inevitably feed through into prices.
To mitigate this we’ve placed forward orders for materials locking in current rates so as to be able to supply customers for as long as possible based on current material prices.
However obviously once this material is gone, it’s gone, and we will then need to purchase and price on the basis of the costs and exchange rates then applying.
So if you want to ensure you get the advantage of our current stock at current prices, please contact us now to place your orders and secure your materials.