80,000 Problems – Solved in 8 days

We have been working hard at developing our flexible manufacturing services and project management to support our clients in meeting their customers’ needs; and the value of this was demonstrated recently when our client was let down at the last minute by one of their other suppliers.

They needed 80,000 pieces in a hurry and was there anything we could do?
We swung into action, sourcing material as an addition to existing orders and using our flexible manufacturing capacity to schedule the work in as an additional priority job and support our customer.
The result? Starting from scratch 8 days after their call we manufactured and delivered their complete requirement of 80,000 pieces.
The work has now been transferred across to Macbey in full and is being supplied 100% On Time In Full.
So if commitment to customer service and 100% On Time In Full delivery is important to you, then please contact us to see what we can do for you.