Our Customers

Macbey provides products to a diverse range of sectors:

  • Food  use composite tube ends, screwcaps and aluminium containers
  • Personal care  use screwcaps, multi start caps, aluminium containers, slip lid tins, tinplate containers and pressed godets (the little dishes that powder cosmetics come in)
  • Pharmaceutical  use screwcaps, often with special features such as apertures, pierceable liners or autoclave safe finish
  • Petrochemical  use screwcaps with resistant liners
  • Homecare  use screwcaps, polish tins and slip lids
  • Leathercare  use polish tins and screwcaps
  • Smokeless tobacco  use slip lids, composite metal/plastic containers and aluminium and tinplate tins
  • Miscellaneous  special containers, washers, embossed products and other pressings