Packaging Innovation

Macbey manufactures a wide range of high quality standard packaging products, all available on a short and guaranteed lead time.

But we understand that it is the packaging which expresses your brand values and catches your customers’ eye on the shelf, so we are constantly looking at innovations in the packaging we can make available, and the service we provide.

For example, embossing  pressing a logo or text into the cap of a jar or container  makes a standard cap into a brand statement, and adds perceived value to the product. We can provide the fastest emboss samples anywhere  if you want to see your proposed design ASAP, Macbey is the place to come. We have our own in-house toolmakers and engineers, so are in complete control of the development process; that recently enabled us to customise an existing tin to a customer’s exact needs (shorter, half capacity, multi start thread, different print) in a matter of a few weeks.

Service innovation can be just as important for customers, and we are experienced in working with kanbans, vendor controlled inventory, limited stock, returnable packaging; we will look at whatever the customer requires. If you are not getting the service you need now, talk to Macbey.

There will be more new innovation news appearing here constantly.