80,000 Problems – Solved in 8 days

We have been working hard at developing our flexible manufacturing services and project management to support our clients in meeting their customers’ needs; and the value of this was demonstrated recently when our client was let down at the last minute by one of their other suppliers.

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Production Starts on our Royal Containers

You might remember in our last newsletter we featured HRH The Duke of York’s visit to our factory, at the end of which he was given some commemorative tins, one embossed with his garter crest, and another with his Pitch@Palace logo.

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Lean Leaders at Macbey Metal Packaging

Macbey has engaged with Lean Consortium for the last year, bringing even better process and order to the factory.

It’s natural that Macbey customers want to know that their products are being made in a properly controlled and orderly way, with high quality, traceable raw materials and well maintained equipment. Thanks to 12 months of work with the Lean Consortium, that’s just what we can guarantee.

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